My 40 something years of life on the glorious planet have taken me from rural, northwest Oklahoma, to a brief stay at the home of the Sooners, to graduate school in Baton Rouge, to Mickey Mouse land in Florida, to the shadow of Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, and finally, just over a year ago, to the southern shores of Lake Michigan and a place that feels like home. To say the least it has been quite a journey.

I currently live alone as a happily (most of the time at least) single gal with a lease that forbids pets and a life path that has not included children (I have mixed feelings about that one) though it did include a now ex-husband for a few years. Professionally, I spend my days teaching, doing research, and spending way too much time attending meetings at a small university campus. 

Welcome to the moments, magic, and mirabilia* of my journey to become a “wildly disciplined, fiercely tender, ironically sincere, scrupulously curious, aggressively sensitive, blasphemously reverent, lyrically logical, lustfully compassionate master of rowdy bliss.” These words are borrowed from Rob Brezsny’s book Pronoia (which I cannot recommend highly enough).


* mirabilia is defined on p. 175 of Pronoia as a noun that refers to “modest astonishments, friendly shocks, sweet anomalies.”


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  1. Is it possible to be listed in your list of producers? I raise Berkshire pork [kurobuta]. We have a family farm in Carroll county In.

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by. I would be happy to add you to the list. Do you have a website that I can use for the link? If you don’t have one do you know of a link to a story or even a Local Harvest listing.

  3. I am listed on and If this is not what you need let me know. Thank you/

  4. Hey there — what are the chances that two food bloggers in Indiana grew up in rural NW Oklahoma and are Brezney fans? If it weren’t for that brief aberation of Norman, I’d suspect we knew each other from home.

    Shoot me an email if possible — just a heads up, I’m doing an Indiana blog roundup post at Feed Me/Drink Me (Indianapolis food blog) and want to include a link to KL.

  5. I, too, am looking for the garlic guy. I went this Saturday, the 23rd, and hes still not there and none of the other booths knew. I found your site by looking up “Garlic Farms in NW Indiana” because I would call the guy or go to his farm! My garlic lasts a year as well and Im out. What are we going to do? I left messages at the Chesterton European market ladies voice mail asking about him and she hasnt returned my calls. I want to STINK! Where is he?

  6. p until a couple of weeks ago I was using a
    Canon Powershot S2, I recently upgraded to a Canon Powershot S10. I have been very happy with the S2. My only complaint would be that it
    doesn’t do a good job with purple flowers such as violets; they often look more blue in the photo than in real life. On sunny days I tend to shoot at a setting that is a bit underexposed.

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